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WeGotGuru is an ‘Online Platform for Teaching’ for Professionals to announce their presence to the world and promote their expertise further. There are a lot of ‘Listing websites’ on the Internet. What we offer is beyond that. We offer a platform to market your expertise and publish your creativity, use Social Media or learn to use Social Media if you are new to it. We also provide a host of services which will make it easier for you to communicate with your clients and do business with them.


 If you really want to go beyond just announcing your presence, you need to create valuable content and publish some of it for others to ‘notice’ you. Use Social Media concepts to announce your skills and expertise to the world. Our philosophy of ‘Knowledge-driven Marketing’ is to provide guidance and avenues to disseminate knowledge and let the world know about you.

Essentially, WeGotGuru hopes to:
> Provide free guidance through booklets, documents, video tutorials, presentations and more.
> Provide tools on the platform, free, like Blogging, Video/document upload, Music note publishing, Social media sharing and more.
> Let you announce your services, get reviewed, send invoices and transact your business through the platform.



Imagine these scenarios…

-The local radio station gives you, the musician/teacher, a few minutes to advertise yourself. Let the local community hear your talent. Would you think it will help improve your personal brand and hence your client list?
-The local Community center gives you, the artist, a chance to exhibit your art portfolio at their premises. Would you love the opportunity to do that and possibly get a lot more students learning from you?
-The local school gives you, the science teacher, a podium to talk about your ‘unique’ teaching style and philosophy that you have developed over time. Is it valuable to get recognized in the student community?
-The local chapter of IEEE invites you to present your understanding of let’s say, Adobe tools. Would you like to take this opportunity to expand your circle of clients and students?

Social Media and the Web 2.0 functionalities that come with it give you platforms today to do these and much more online. A lot of us are not yet aware of these opportunities or too busy to take advantage of them or a combination of both.

What if you can project all your skills and creativity on to a web based platform? What if you can create a buzz around your work that gets you the attention of a lot of people who are interested in what you do? What if you can get the attention of your intended audience often and easily? What if they subscribe to your activity so that they get regular updates? What if you can tie all these with messaging, invoicing and payment tools which help you to easily transact business?

We believe in ‘Knowledge-driven Marketing’. Publishing your work online and using the power of Social Media to let people share what they like with many others. These others could share it further. The bottom-line is no more your marketing budget. With creativity and drive your opportunities are limitless.

And while we primarily seek and encourage engagement of students, experts and other stakeholders on our online fora, we have also launched state-of-the-art Music, Arts and Studio classes at Bangalore which has been running successfully since 2013. Our brick-and-mortar platform has been offering its students  a diverse list to choose and explore their interests from, the details for which maybe accessed here.

tang 6

With WeGotGuru, ‘WE’ can build this Knowledge-driven, global, online Platform. We strive to bring many aspects of Social Media into one place and build our community. We would love to have you use our platform at and unleash your creativity, expand your clientele and transact much more business.


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