Top 10 Music Schools in the World

For all the music enthusiasts, here is a list of ten most renowned schools of music across the world:

1.The Juilliard School:

Notable Alumni: Bernard Herrmann, Marvin Hamlisch

Founded in 1905 and located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, this prestigious school has earned a name for itself not only in the state but also in the outside world. With the as narrow rate of acceptance as 7%, Juilliard consists of its scholars, high achieving musicians, great student body and a devoted team of music professor from around forty different countries.  The renowned celebrities like Bernard Herrmann, Marvin Hamlisch, Barry Manilow, Wynton Marsalis, Philip Glass,  William Hurt, Laura Linney, Jessica Chastain and Kevin Spacey have all studied music here. It is quite an astounding fact that Juilliard alumni have collectively won over 105 Grammy Awards, 62 Tony Awards, 47 Emmy Awards, 26 Bessie Awards, 24 Academy Awards, 16 Pulitzer Prizes, and 12 National Medals of the Arts.

Hosting the music, drama and dance classrooms within the same arena, Juilliard provides its students with an exposure to a plethora of disciplines.


2. Berklee College of Music

Notable Alumni: Howard Shore

Founded in 1945, Berklee College of Music is situated in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. It is one of the most distinguished universities in the field of music. It distinctly focuses on contemporary music. The alumnus of this college has won over 250 Grammys. With its graduate and undergraduate program students have an access to a wide diversity of courses like Composition, Music Therapy, Film Scoring, Jazz Composition, Music Management, Music Production, Technology and Innovation and Television and Video Games.


3. The Royal Academy of Music

Notable alumni include: Sir Simon Rattle, Sir Elton John

The Royal Academy of Music is Britain’s oldest music school. Founded in 1822, it is one of the finest music school in the world and is located in the heart of London, England. This is unique Conservatoire which prioritises departing ardent knowledge music to its students with a student is to teacher ration of 2:1. Unlike other music schools, the Royal Academy of Music is a heaven for musicians where they just don’t study music but also work in the industry to gain a hands-on experience.


4. USC Thornton School of Music

Notable alumni: Bruce Broughton, Austin Wintory

Established in 1884, USC Thornton is a quite ancient school of music that has acquired the attention of many filmmakers from LA. It has the richest music culture in the whole West Coast. With over 1000 students and an acceptance rate of 20%, this school offers degrees invariant courses like Classical Performance & Composition, Contemporary Music & Professional Studies, Jazz Music, etc.


5. Yale School of Music

Notable Alumni: Robert Aldridge, Nancy Allen

Yale School is one of the schools among the Ivy League Schools. The Yale School of Music was established in 1889 and provided in the year 1958, it became a professional graduate school, awarding its students with degrees in music. As other schools in this list, Yale is quite competitive with acceptance rate is 8-10%, accepting only those who match to the high standards set at the school.  Being a graduate school, it offers a degree in Master of Music, Master of Music Arts, Doctorate in Music and Joint Bachelors in Arts and Music.


6. Eastman School of Music

Notable Alumni: Renée Fleming

This school of music is a part of the University of Rochester and has been established with the motto-“Eat, Sleep & Music”. Found in the year 1921 by George Eastman, this university is dedicated to ameliorating the standards of music in the world. Enriched with diversity, Eastman has an acceptance rate of 13% with hosting students from all across the globe its  momentous alumni include Alexander Courage, Doriot Anthony Dwyer, Charles Strouse, Robert Ward and Ron Carter.


7. Conservatoire de Paris

Notable Alumni: Debussy, Ravel, Saint-Seans

Founded in the year 1795, Conservatoire de Paris is the oldest music school situated in France. It is a centre of innovation and revolution, promoting classical French music in the world. Accepting just 30 students in a course from all around the world, it is the toughest music school to get in.  With a student body of 1300 and 410 coaches, this school has the largest number of musical instruments.


8. The University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Notable Alumni: Brahms, Mahler

Being established in 1817 in Vienna, Austria, University of Music and Performing is one of the oldest and biggest music schools in Austria. This is a centre of classical music and has been one of the leaders aiding in the rise of the contemporary music. Hosting around 3000 students every year, this school has many notable alumni.


9. New England Conservatory

Notable Alumni: Eunice Alberts

One of the oldest independent schools of music in the states, the New England Conservatory has played a significant role in the growth of music. Founded in 1967 and established at Boston, it is named as the National Historic Landmark in the music industry. With the acceptance rate of 28%, there is five to one student to teacher ratio. Offering a degree till doctoral level, the students of New England Conservatory can be seen in every field of music, from music composition to lyrics composition, you can see them everywhere.


10. New York University

Notable Alumni: Alan Menken, Elmer Bernstein

New York University was established in the year 1874 in the heart of the exuberant New York City. Capitalising on its location, students here have an access and exposure to various operas, concert halls, music periodicals and even big record labels located within the periphery of Big Apple.



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