Top 6 Blogging Tips for Amateurs and Newbies

It is quite evident that blogging is a facile way to success in marketing, these days. This plays an integral role in SEO promotion and without it, the social media promotion would be incomplete. Blogs help you to interact with your customers and target audience and form a transparent ambience through which loyalty and trust have been developed between both the parties.

The essence of Blogging1

Today, I am going to discuss a few blogging tips with you, from the best of professional from the industry, through which you can easily blog and generate the most from your blogs.

a. Always think about Monetising:

One of the biggest error that a naive blogger can make, is ignoring the monetizing aspect. At times, blogger generates content first and on the verge of finding ways to increase the traffic, they are trapped in the vicious circle of finding a source for funding the ways to ameliorate traffic. So in case you don’t want to be stuck in this, you should always keep monetization in consideration.

Monetising your Blog2

The monetising can be gauged by analysing the top competitors and figure out how they are monetizing their business. You should keep in consideration their traffic, source and ideas for content generation and how often they are repeated. After careful contemplation, you will easily be able to figure out ways to monetize your blog.

b. Getting Ideas from your Audience and Understanding their Requirements:

Gathering ideas from your audience can about the topics they would like to read about and that interests them, can be the best way to increase your followers which eventually helps you to grow as a blogger. To consider this, the most effective way is going through the comment section of your blog or through Twitter. Most of the information lies in this section that is generally ignored by most of the bloggers. 

Knowing your Audience3

To understand your audience in a better manner means getting an idea through which content will be appreciated and admired by your audience. Another technique is to simply ask the readers, either on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, through an engaging post. After going through the comments, you can easily gauge the popularity of various topics, based on which you can write the next blog.

c. Write in-depth Articles:

I should always know that articles with over 2000 words always procure a great rank in Google. Short articles, of about 500 words, do not get more attention, now. The length of your blogs always helps you to obtain a better SEO rank, thus more traffic.

An in-depth article means that you should write about the best-suited information to your users. Eminence should be given to evergreen topics with a detailed research and eloquent writing on the topic will give you an edge over the rest of your competitors. If you are a budding blogger then rather than aiming for 10 blogs in a month, you should opt for 2. Through this, you will be able to understand the requirements of your audience and cater to them.

d. Build Trust among your Audience:

When it comes to online blogging and selling your product, people don’t easily rely on strangers. So an inter-personal relationship should be built between the reader and the blogger. Hence it boils to just trust and authority.

If you don’t build an authority online then all the increase in your traffic would be just in vain. Since it would only be a traffic on which you can never capitalise on. This is the cause due to which you should always focus on building the authority from the rudimentary phase.

Build Trust among your Audience4


For people to rely on you, you are liable to uphold their trust in various ways:

  1. You should never recommend the service or products that you haven’t used yourself. Faux promotion can cost you inform of people losing their trust on you.
  2. Always get testimonials from experts followed by interviews, which bolster the testimonials even more.

e. Connect with the Leading Giants:

Having connections and great relations with leading giants and top bloggers in the corresponding industry can help in ameliorating your blog traffic, increasing the sales and even boost your expertise. Through this, you can easily build a successful blog quickly. You should always find measures to network with the Giants and instead of seeking their help, try to offer your free-aid. Through this, you would be able to reach a larger audience, generally their audience, and can easily enhance your following. Reaching the Giants should via social media and email.

f. Building An Email List:

An email is quite an effective tool. It is being used by most of the bloggers currently. From day one you should have a list of emails, which includes all the stakeholders of your industry. The stakeholders can be your subscribers, other budding bloggers, your distributors, etc. You should use Social Media platforms to spread the word about you upcoming blog and then ask your followers to subscribe to your blog.

Building your Email list5



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