Audio Recording Software for Musicians

Being a stern musician, fledgeling music engineer or podcaster, you are always cautious about the quality of the recordings that you do and that is when audio recording software comes into the picture. From creating a simple ringtone to creating a  trailer for your channel, an efficacious audio editing software is the requirement of every individual who seeks perfection in creating their audios.

However, you are in luck, in this post we will be discussing four best audio editing software, discussing their unique features and tools of each software. With a range of free and paid software, this article will help you choose the best one addressing your requirements.

a. Presonus Studio

A truly professional editor, Presonus Studio is an audio editor that provides its users with a huge variety of features. Coming in two variants-free version, which gives a basic package to its beginner users and allows the professional users to have a hands-on experience before buying the professional version and a professional version that costs around $450 which is well equipped, allowing its users to have a splendid experience in audio recording either professionally or as an amateur.

Presonus has two designs, one Studio One Free for beginners and DAW for professional, in this way segregating the two segments based on the level of requirements either of the pod can be recorded. Some of the astounding featured are its ability to directly export file to SoundCloud, noise reduction while recording, recording unlimited audio tracks, latency compensation, time stretching capabilities and easy mix and match of music. With a user-friendly interface, this software has been tested over and over and there has been no problem of screen freezing as it is generally in audio recording software.

b. Audacity

Audacity is an open sourced software for recording. It is quite a powerful software that allows you to record either through a microphone, line-in jack or even through live streaming audios, all coming in a bundle with an easy to use interface. Generally recommended by podcasters, the simplicity of Audacity appreciated by a wide range of viewers.

This is one of a software of its kind which does not conceal any condition in the free package like limited feature access or limited time access. Supporting recording at the rate of 44.1 to 192 KHz, Audacity takes the experience of audio recording to whole new level independent of the quality of the hardware. In addition to this, Audacity provides its users with 32-bit floating point giving an ample headroom capturing the signals to record. It’s expandable palate due to VST, Nyquist, LADSPA and audio plugins allows equalisation of the pitch, speed, temp, vocal boosting, reverb, compressor, fading in/out and noise.

It’s simplistic and minimalistic interface is quite a challenge to the pro-software in the market, especially when cost and features are brought into consideration. The interface has toolbars and widgets that ease the navigation of the software for track editing and mixing. The track is loaded in form of a waveform and through this, you can highlight the features which need to be enhanced.  With a quite advent range of features in its harem, this software provides path analysis of the track and you can bring about the required alterations with just a click.

c. Cockos REAPER

Rapid Environment for Audio Prototyping and Efficient Recording (REAPER) is a shareware program that provides its users with a peer-to-peer file sharing network. This is a unique program with an extraordinary learning curve, this means that the program analyses the frequently used tools and then suggests the user with for the most optimal and innovative ideas for the active track.

Cockos allows the usage of a trial version before buying the product’s license so that the users can completely explore the product. It basically allows the customisation of almost everything, even the theme of the program can be easily customised. Coming with a plethora of native instruments, REAPER allows its users to integrate various plugins, rewiring of applications and even allows to customise a third party program. It displays its own environment where users can script debug and even compile their plugins in different computer languages. having a highly customisable interface, Cockos is also a quite versatile software available for both MacOS and Windows.

d. Rosegarden

It was initially released in 1993 as an open-sourced software for LINUX. After gaining popularity, a licensed version of this software was released with increased MIDI capacities-intercept and sequence MIDI. It has high recording capacities but the only drawback is its user interface. The original interface has still been kept intact, as a result of which the software is a little rigid and sometimes difficult to operate for new users.





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