11 Best Meme Generator

Finding an apt and suitable meme generator can sometimes be a daunting task. Here is a list of a few Meme generating applications that might help you:

a. Be Like Bill

I think “Be Like Bill” is the app that leads to the genesis of Memes. This app is quite amazing when it comes to making creating and innovative Memes that are trending over the social media lately. There has been a significant level of amelioration in the quality of the application-in the interface, templates and even the graphic quality. You can easily modify the text font, add preferred image, add multiple images, change the positioning, add image borders and even edit the images. It is very simple to use Android application and you can navigate easily in this.

b. Mematic – Make your own Meme

Mematic is an iOS based Meme generator that produces neat and sharp Memes. There are various templates that come handy with the app. A unique feature of this app is that you can create your own theme and even customise the default theme as per your requirements. Besides this, it is quite a basic app that can be used by any amateur Meme creator. 

c. Giphy

This application has stayed in the market for quite a while and has been frequently used by various content generators for Social Media platforms. This is quite favoured due to its easy edit and easy upload feature, on the social media.  Being available for all the Android users, this app allows you to instantly create the Meme through a wide range of categories like Music, Animation, TV, Reaction, etc.  This is probably the best Meme generator for Androids.

d. PicMeme

It is one of the most popular Meme generating app among iPhone users. Being divided into three categories-Quirky, Story and Keep Calm Templates, it makes the quite easy for the user to generate a Meme. Adding pictures to the library and then using them without any hassle is the biggest feature of this app.

e. Meme Creator

The user interface of this application is quite simple, all you need to do is add a couple of photos and you are all set to create a Meme. It provides you with various suggestions and depicts them in the initial stage of creation. With the use of various templates, you can create various Memes and can add text in any format or in form of bubbles. Once the Meme is made, you can easily upload it.

f. Memes Editor Photos

This a popular Meme editor which the feature of face swapping. you can easily replace the face available in the image with another face and create a Meme. Basically used in Derpine, derp, Troll Face, etc. This application provides with various toll faces to replace with.

g. Thug Life Photo Maker Editor

This is a medium scaled app that provides you with a basic feature for creating Memes. You can choose from a wide range of filters and emoticons, some of which are goggles, caps, necklaces, cigarettes and other swaggy emojis. The gallery is quite immense and you can even create your own emoticon and even your own videos can be created.

h. Straight Outta Meme Maker

This is quite a proficient Meme generator app that can generate an image as small as 2.23 MB. Here you can even create black and white Memes and can put the image on image, as per your requirement. Being quite a simplistic and minimalistic application, this app has a basic approach and can be easily used by beginners.

i. Ololoid Meme Generator

The unique feature of this application is that you can create Memes from pre-existing templates or even import templates from any other application. Creating Memes without of the box ideas is the basic theme of this app. Another eminently amicable feature of this application is that it allows the user to look for images over the internet directly through the app. You can play around and easily use the available features, to generate a Meme. The premium paid version provides its user to remove watermarks from any picture and create his own original Meme. Along with this, it also removes all the ads that may be annoying for a few users. Everything that you create can be easily stored in your gallery without your effort to save it.

j. Meme Generator by ZomboDroid

It has been on the market for over 7 years now. Since it has held firm grounds in editing and Meme generation, it is quite liked by its users. It has over 700 Memes templates to choose from which are evenly categorised so that you can create Memes easily and effectively. An original Meme can also be generated by the using your own image. It provides with varied options for creating Memes with different captions, comic styles and with various other customisation. You can procure the full version for just $2.99.

k. Meme Pro

This is one of the most simplistic apps available for creating Memes. It has an elementary interface which probably might not be quite appealing but covers all the features that a Meme Generator requires. It has a basic list of preloaded Memes through which you can take inspiration from and make your own Meme, without any complication.




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